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DM Moment Couplings

Dodge Moment couplings are specifically designed to make the rigid connection between the output shaft of a gearbox and driven equipment.  Highly engineered to meet the most rigorous application requirements, Dodge Moment couplings are capable of handling both the required application torque and the bending moment forces of the suspended weight of a drive package – including the gearbox, motor, high-speed couplings, and swing base.  Utilizing high-strength 4140 alloy steel and Grade 8 bolts, this robust design allows for an alignment-free drive by eliminating the time consuming process of aligning the gearbox assembly to the head pulley shaft.


  • 10 sizes available: DM100 to DM2100
  • Maximum Bore: 15 inches [381 mm]
  • Maximum Torque: 2,100,000 in-lbs [237,268 Nm]
  • High-strength 4140 alloy steel
  • Grade 8 bolts
  • Male and Female piloted hubs
  • Quickly disconnect large drive packages for maintenance purposes
  • Eliminates costs associated with foot-mounted drive packages:
    • Structure modifications and reinforcement
    • Fabrication of large baseplates for gearboxes and motors
    • Alignment of low-speed coupling
    • Maintenance associated with lubricated low-speed couplings

Common Industries

common applications

  • Conveyors (Bulk Material Handling)
  • Mixing